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Major Activities

ARRN Activities

ARRN provides relevant information through website and newsletter as well as on the occasions of international forum, technical workshop and academic conference to exchange knowledge and technical information on river restoration. ARRN also aims to provide opportunities for groups and individuals to share and exchange their knowledge and experiences in the field, which would enable the participants to improve their knowledge and techniques through interaction.

  • Activities for technical support
  • Activities for research and development
  • Activities for publication
  • Activities for public relations

ARRN Newsletter

ARRN newsletter is delivered once in three months. If you want to receive the newsletter, please contact to secre@a-rr.net by email.

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ARRN News mail

ARRN news mail is delivered irregularly so far, and it will be delivered once a month. If you want to receive the news mail, please contact to secre@a-rr.net by email.

Back Issues

ARRN Annual Report

Major activities of ARRN are introduced in "ARRN Annual Report".In the report, the various ARRN activities are arranged with photographs as well as ARRN outline.

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