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ARRN Overview


The "River Restoration in Asian Monsoon Region" session on 4th World Water Form was cosponsored by three countries of China, Korea and Japan in Mar. 2006. In the session, panel discussion was held between the representatives of Malaysia and UNESCI-IHE additionally to that of three countries.

At the end of the discussion, the necessity of cooperating network, data base of the river restoration and river restoration technical guideline suits for an Asian monsoon region was proposed.

Suggestion on special session “River Restoration in Asian Monsoon Region” in 4th World Water Forum

(1) It has been realized that river restoration is of vital importance to socio-economic sustainable development in parallel with flood management and water use management.

(2) It is necessary to recognize that the basin as a basic unit for management, that the river environment is dynamic, and that the environment of the various rivers is maintained by dynamic disturbance.

(3) It is necessary for the countries in Asian monsoon region to establish the suitable methodology and technology for river restoration, considering dense population, frequent and severe flooding, and abundant rice paddy.

(4) In Asian monsoon region human-influence to a cultural landscape is harmonized with the ecosystem traditionally. Those landscapes that have been modified by humans over long periods are often also important for nature as well as culture.

(5) It is important to develop a database and Asian network of projects and knowledge of international experts in river restoration. River restoration is a multi-disciplinary and multi-organizational task that should be supported by river engineers, environmental scientists, ecologists, water managers and the public.

(6) It is urgent to establish a river restoration guideline suitable for the Asian monsoon region as a reference for countries with similar social and natural conditions.

Taking these suggestion, Asian River Restoration Network (ARRN) was established in November 2006 with relative organizations in China, Korea and Japan.

ARRN Establishment Ceremony (November 9, 2006)

ARRN Objective

ARRN is a non political network for exchanging knowledge and technological information on the restoration of rivers and watersheds in Asia. One of the objectives is to provide various opportunities and venues for river restoration related organizations and individuals to share and exchange knowledge and experiences related to the restoration of rivers and watersheds through the network. ARRN aims to enrich the participants' knowledge and scientific technology through mutual and multilateral cooperation, and ARRN also contributes to creation of rich river environment in Asia.

ARRN Secretariat

Asian River Restoration Network secretariat

China River Restoration Network (CRRN)

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