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News and Event on River Restoration

Conference & Seminar in 2008 on river restoration

■ARRN Forum "5th International Forum on Waterfront and Watershed Restoration"(2008.11.4)

-Date: 2008.11.4
-Venue: Beijing, China
-URL: http://www.a-rr.net/jp/en/arrn/letter/announcement/969.html

■4th Conference of the Asia Pacific Association of Hydrology and Water Resources <4th APHW>(2008.11.3-5)

-Date: 2008.11.3-5
-Venue: China, Beijing
-URL: http://www.4thaphw.org/
-Abstruct Deadline: 2008.8.31

■High-level International Forum on Water Resources and Hydropower(2008.10.16-18)

-Date: 2008.10.16-18
-Venue: China, Beijing
-URL: http://www.iwhr.com/special/iwrhf/
-Abstruct Deadline: 2008.6.30

■ARRN/IAHR joint seminar "Ecohydraulics and Environmental Hydraulics"(2008.9.16)

-Date: 2008.9.16
-Venue: Tokyo, Japan
-URL: http://www.a-rr.net/jp/en/arrn/letter/arrn_event_news/946.html

■8th International Conference on Hydro-Science and Engineering (2008.9.8-12)

-Date: 2008.9.8-12
-Venue: Japan, Nagoya
-URL: http://www.iche2008.info/
-Abstruct Deadline: 2007.11.30

■11th International Riversymposium(2008.9.1-4)

-Date: 2008.9.1-4
-Venue: Australia, Brisbane

■4th ECRR International Conference on River Restoration(2008.6.16-21)

-Date: 2008.6.16-21
-Venue: Italy, Venice
-URL: http://www.ecrr.org/conf08/home.htm
-Abstruct Deadline:

■3rd NARBO General Meeting(2008.2.19-22)

-Date: 2008.2.19-22
-Venue: Indonesia, Solo
-URL: http://www.narbo.jp/narbo/event/rp_gm03.htm

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