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News and Event on River Restoration

Conference & Seminar in 2009 on river restoration

■ECRR Seminar "International Conference -WATER BODIES RESTORATION"(2009.10.5-6)

-Date: 2009.10.5-6
-Venue: Yekaterinburg, Russia
-URL: http://www.ecrr.org/pdf/iwbrest_oct09.pdf

■12th International Riversymposium(2009.9.21-24)

-Date: 2009.9.21-24
-Venue: Australia, Brisbane
-URL: http://www.riversymposium.com/
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.2.13

■6th Symposium on River, Coastal and Estuarine Morhodynamics,(2009.9.21-25)

-Date: 2009.9.21-25
-Venue: Argentina, Santa Fe
-URL: http://info.rcem.serfe.com/
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.1.16

■World City Water Forum 2009 (2009.8.18-21)

-Date: 2009.8.18-21
-Venue: Korea, Incheon
-URL: http://www.wcwf2009.org
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.2.15

■33rd IAHR Congress(2009.8.10-14)

-Date: 2009.8.10-14
-Venue: Canada, Vancouver
-URL: http://www.iahr2009.org
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.1.2

■Singapore International Water Week(2009.6.22-26)

-Date: 2009.6.22-26
-Venue: Singapore
-URL: http://www.siww.com.sg/
-Abstruct Deadline:

■SEMINAR "Synergies between River Restoration and River Management focussing on Natura2000 and Ramsar sites" (2009.5.28-29)

-Date: 2009.5.28-29
-Venue: Lelystad, The Netherlands
-URL: http://www.ecrr.org/lelystad_09.htm

■World Environmental & Water Resources Congress 2009(2009.5.17-21)

-Date: 2009.5.17-21
-Venue: USA, Missouri
-URL: http://content.asce.org/conferences/ewri2009/
-Abstruct Deadline: 2008.9.17

■10th River Restoration Conference 2009(2009.4.1-4)

-Date: 2009.4.1-4
-Venue: UK
-URL: http://www.semide.net/thematicdirs/events/10th-river-restoration-conference-2009-river

■5th World Water Forum(2009.3.16-22)

-Date: 2009.3.16-22
-Venue: Turkey, Istanbul
-URL: http://www.worldwaterforum5.org/
-Abstruct Deadline:

■Annual Stream Restoration Design Symposium2009.2.2-5)

-Date: 2009.2.2-5
-Venue: USA, Washington
-URL: http://rrnw.org/stevenson2009/home.html

■Science and Information Technologies for Sustainable Management of Aquatic Ecosystems(2009.1.12-16)

-Date: 2009.1.12-16
-Venue: Chili, Concepcion
-URL: http://www.heic2009.org/

■International Perspective on Environmental & Water Resources(2009.1.5-7)

-Date: 2009.1.5-7
-Venue: Thailand, Bangkok
-URL: http://content.asce.org/conferences/thailand09/index.html
-Abstruct Deadline: 2008.4.4

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