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News and Event on River Restoration

Conference & Seminar in 2010 on river restoration

■5th Conference of the Asia Pacific Association of Hydrology and Water Resources <5th APHW>(2010.11.8-10)

-Date: 2010.11.8-10
-Venue: Hanoi, Vietnam
-URL: http://www.wrrc.dpri.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~aphw/APHW.html
-Abstruct Deadline:

■13th International Riversymposium(2010.10.11-14)

-Date: 2010.10.11-14
-Venue: Australia, Perth
-URL: http://www.riversymposium.com/
-Abstruct Deadline: 2010.2.19

■8th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (2010.9.12-16)

-Date: 2010.9.12-16
-Venue: Korea, Seoul
-URL: http://www.ISE-2010.org
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.10.30

■International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics <2010 River Flow>(2010.9.8-10)

-Date: 2010.9.8-10
-Venue: Germany, TU Braunschweig
-URL: http://edu2.zfw.etc.tu-bs.de/riverflow/
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.9.1

■9th International Conference on Hydroinformatics 2010(2010.9.7-11)

-Date: 2010.9.7-11
-Venue: China, Tianjin
-URL: http://www.hic2010.org/
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.8.31

■7th International Conference on Sustainable Techniques and Strategies in Urban Water Management(2010.6.28-7.1)

-Date: 2010.6.28-7.1
-Venue: France, Lyon
-URL: http://www.novatech.graie.org/
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.7.10

■6th International Symposium on Environmental Hydraulics(2010.6.23-25)

-Date: 2010.6.23-25
-Venue: Greece, Athene
-URL: http://www.iseh2010.org/
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.9.30

■River Restoration: Fluvial-Geomorphic and Ecological Tools(2010.6.7-11)

-Date: 2010.6.7-11
-Venue: Lyon and Provence, France
-URL: http://institutbeaumont.com/

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■11th River Restoration Conference 2010(2010.4.14-15)

-Date: 2010.4.14-15
-Venue: UK, York
-URL: http://www.therrc.co.uk/rrc_conferences.php
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.9.30

■17th Congress of the Asia and Pacific Division of the International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research (2010.2.21-24)

-Date: 2010.2.21-24
-Venue: New Zealand, Auckland
-URL: http://www.iahr-apd2010.com/
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.1.31

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