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Congratulation Remarks on the 10th Anniversary of ARRN

Congratulation Remarks on the 10th Anniversary of ARRN

Dear valuable ARRN members,

It is great privilege for me to speak congratulations on the 10th anniversary of ARRN as a Chairperson. Most of all, I'd like to express my sincere appreciation not only to all of each RRN members –JRRN, CRRN, KRRN- who have been working faithfully on promotion of ARRN activity but also to the participants from many foreign countries who are participating in special session, forum and council meeting so far. Also I would like to express my sincere respect to former chairs, Professor Tamai and Dr. Zipping Lui for their sacrifices on behalf of all members.

As you know well, since the "River Restoration in Asian Monsoon Region" session on 4th World Water Form cosponsored by three countries of China, Korea and Japan in 2006, the necessity of cooperating network, data base of the river restoration and river restoration technical guideline which are suitable for an Asian monsoon region was proposed and ARRN was established as a result. ARRN aims a non political network for exchanging knowledge and technological information on the restoration of rivers and watersheds in Asia and to enrich the participants' knowledge and scientific technology through mutual and multilateral cooperation, and ARRN also contributes to creation of rich river environment in Asia.

Looking backward, last 10 years of ARRN can be regarded as the “The Era of Settlement”. JRRN, CRRN and KRRN have tried to establish our network and devoted ourselves for the establishment making the ARRN umbrella. MOU joining with ECRR (European Center for River Restoration) and ARRN side event in 7th WWF in Daegu Korea was ones of our achievements of ARRN for the last 10 years. Additionally, we have cooperated with IRF (International River Foundation) in the International River Symposium and consequently they are very interested in ARRN. What is most valuable thing, however, we have been doing is annual GCM and Forum continuously under the assistances from ourselves. We have helped each others, made by ourselves and been proud of ourselves.

I would like to regard the coming 10 years in ARRN as “The Era of Sustainable Progress”. From now, on the basis of last 10 years commitment, it is necessary to extend each national RRN to whole Asian countries. Mongolia, India, Philippine as well as Nepal show already their will or interest in joining ARRN. We are ready for welcome their network members for sharing knowledge and scientific technology through mutual and multilateral cooperation. I kindly ask you all of ARRN members of support enlarging RRN members.

My dear friends our members,
Once again, I express my sincere congratulations on 10th Anniversary of ARRN and appreciation to all the RRN members and wishes healthy and happiness for the rest of the year 2016 and new year 2017.
Thank you.

Suk Hwan JANG
Chair of ARRN
Professor, Daejin University, Korea


- Congratulation Remarks on the 10th Anniversary of ARRN (PDF 38KB)

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