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ARRN News mail, Issue 1

Dear Sir or Madam,

We, the Asian River Restoration Network (ARRN), inform you our publication of the "Reference Guideline for Restoration by Eco-Compatible Approach in River Basin ver.1".
If you would like to receive the PDF version of this guideline, please contact to the ARRN Secretariat (secre@a-rr.net).

>> http://www.a-rr.net/jp/en/arrn/letter/publication/

In addition, the function of the Secretariat of ARRN is currently carried out by the Secretariat of JRRN, Japan River Restoration Network, and JRRN distributes the "JRRN News mail" to JRRN members in Japanese twice a week.
Since we successfully deliver the 200th issue last month, we send an English version to you as reference information.

Sincerely yours,

Secretariat of ARRN/JRRN

JRRN News mail, Issue 200 (May 25, 2009)

Japan River Restoration Network (JRRN: http://www.a-rr.net/jp/) is sending a
news mail.
Today we successfully deliver the 200th issue, two years and a half after we
published the first issue on December 18, 2006. We will continue to send
domestic and overseas information concerning the restoration of river
environments. We would like to ask for your continuous support and

---Menu for this week-----------------------------------------------
<1>Latest articles about rivers and basins (for four days from May 22
to May 25, 2009)
<2>Information from JRRN Secretariat
- May 20 Report on the acceptance of JICA Training Program
- May 13 Report on the Third JRRN Mini-seminar on River Environments
- Information on benefits to individual and group members of JRRN
<3>Information from JRRN members
   Nothing in particular

<1>Latest articles about rivers and basins (for four days from May 22
to May 25, 2009)

[ Waterfronts in general ]

- Glut of water? Riparian work - examining the Tokuyama Dam Channel Project
Tokyo Shimbun -May 25, 2009

- The Chinese eco-electric power generation business fell short of
expectations because of local governments' putting priority on
economic growth
nikkei BPnet - May 25, 2009

- Sport Fishing Festival in Koitogawa River, Kimitsu City
Tokyo Shimbun - May 25, 2009

- Former President Park Chung-hee restored mountains, while President
Lee Myung-bak restores rivers
Chosun Daily News - May 22, 2009

- Creating an artificial shore in Toyoda, Suwa City - the final area
for the Lake Suwa Waterfront Improvement
Nagano Nippo - May 23, 2009

- Creating waterfronts on roofs in the city - the emergence of a
biotope-type circulatory rooftop gardening system
Mainichi Communications Journal - May 25, 2009

- Beautiful riverside district in early summer - experiencing the
Hita River Opening Festival
Oita Godo Shimbun - May 25, 2009

- Learning about a river environment and the preciousness of life
Kyoto Shimbun - May 22, 2009

[ Nature restoration ]

- Aiming to creating woods to regenerate a wetland - NPO Trust Sarun Kushiro
Kushiro Shimbun - May 25, 2009

[ Urban waterfronts ]

- Symposium: Considering regeneration of the Horikawa River for the
first time in half a century - "More attachment to rivers" --- Kyoto
prefectural government
Mainichi Shimbun - May 25, 2009

- Forum: Thinking about the restoration of rivers at Chiyoda today (Tokyo)
Mainichi Shimubun - May 22, 2009

- The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism suggests
river creation in collaboration with regions
EIC Net - May 22, 2009

[ Ecosystem ]

- 30 members of a conservation group releasing marsh snails (feed for
fireflies) - Minami-Ichihashi Ogaki City, Gifu
Mainichi Shimbun - May 23, 2009

- Know the water environment and clean the river - school children in
Nagahama form an aquatic life investigation team
Chunichi Shimbun - May 22, 2009

- Discovering many creatures in tidal wetland - a parent-and-child
event in the Yoshino River, Tokushima
Yomiuri Shimbun - May 25, 2009

- Learning how to grow firefly larvae in the village of fireflies
Chugoku Shimbun - May 23, 2009

- Improving the rearing environment for aquatic creatures - Baba Area
Conservation Group
Shimotsuke Shimbun - May 25, 2009

[ Water quality ]

- Policy recommendation on water environment preservation - A
symposium will be held on June 4.
Sankei Kansai - May 23, 2009

- Cleaning the Musashi River - removing abnormal proliferation of waterweed
Oita Godo Shimbun - May 22, 2009

- Starting an experiment to fill a depression on the lake bed, which
is one of the factors in the contamination of Lake Nakaumi
Nihonkai Shimbun - May 22, 2009

- Improving the water quality of the Yamato River - cleaning
activities and the release of shellfish fries
Osaka Nichinichi Shimbun - May 25, 2009

- Escalated water pollution of the lake of the Three Gorges Dam
Nikkei Business Online - May 25, 2009

- LCA Japan Forum: Water and LCA
EIC Net - May 22, 2009

<2>Information from JRRN Secretariat

- Report on the acceptance of JICA Training Program (Pakistan) (May 20,
 JRRN Secretariat was responsible for lectures (e.g. the improvement of
environments in Japan, case studies of restored river environments, etc.)
guiding site investigation for people from the Pakistani government and
municipalities, who visited Japan for the JICA Training Program.
>> http://www.a-rr.net/jp/info/letter/activity/

- Report on the Third JRRN Mini-seminar on River Environments (May 13, 2009)
  JRRN hosted the Third JRRN Mini-seminar on River Environments - the
of Asia revealed by environmental flows.
>> http://www.a-rr.net/jp/info/letter/eventreport/

- Information on benefits to individuals and group members of JRRN
  As part of the encouragement of network activities, we introduce benefits
JRRN members on our website.
>> http://www.a-rr.net/jp/info/member.html

<3>Information from JRRN members (events and publications in which
JRRN members are involved)
  Nothing in particular

 We are accepting requests from JRRN members at any time - for example,
"Please gather news reports such as…." or "Please send information such
Contact us at secre@a-rr.net. A variety of information concerning the
of river environments is posted on the website of JRRN.

*******< End of JRRN News mail, Issue 200 for JRRN members >************

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