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ARRN News mail, Issue 7

Dear Sir or Madam,

We, Asian River Restoration Network: ARRN, send you the "ARRN newsmail Issue7".

ARRN's "8th International Forum on Waterfront and Watershed Restoration" will
be held on 11 November 2011 in Tokyo-JAPAN. The title of the forum is
"Urban River Restoration at the confluence of Disaster Mitigation and
Environment Preservation". Please visit to the ARRN website in detail.


One of the ARRN's objectives is to provide various opportunities and venues for
river restoration related organizations and individuals to share and exchange
knowledge and experiences related to the restoration of rivers and watersheds.
ARRN forum aims to enrich the participants's knowledge and technology through
mutual and multilateral cooperation, and to contribute to creation of rich
river environment in Asia. Since its inception in 2005, ARRN forum has been
held seven times in ARRN member countries and this 8th forum will be held in
Tokyo JAPAN after an interval of four years.
You can see past records through the following URL.


We will prepare a report which includes detailed record of all lectures and
discussion of the 8th forum around December as a reference material of river
restoration in Asia, and we open it to the public through the ARRN website.

Sincerely yours,

Secretariat of ARRN/JRRN

8th International Forum on Waterfront and Watershed Restoration

-Date: 11 November 2011 (Friday)
-Venue: The University of Tokyo, Yayoi Auditorium (Tokyo, Japan)
-Convener: Prof. Nobuyuki TAMAI, Chairperson of ARRN
-Organizer: Asian River Restoration Network/Japan River Restoration Network
-Language: English (Simultaneous interpretation into Japanese)
-Number of Attendance (Audience): 200 people
Japan River Association, Ecology and Civil Engineering Society (ECES),
Foundation of River and Watershed Environment Management (FOREM),
Japan Water Forum (JWF), Foundation for Riverfront Improvement and
Restoration (RFC), CTI Engineering Co, LTD (CTI), China River Restoration
Network (CRRN), China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research
(IWHR), Korea River Restoration Network (KRRN), Korea River Association (KRA),
Korea Institute of Construction Technology (KICT), European Centre for River
Restoration (ECRR), River Restoration Centre, UK (RRC)

-Opening: 13:00-13:05 Opening address

-Report: 13:05-13:15 Introduction of "ARRN RR guideline ver.2"

-Lecture: 13:15-14:30 25 min. each
(1)The response to the 2011 Brisbane River Floods & a national picture of
river and wetland assessment, management and restoration in Australia
(Mr. Alastair Mcharg, National Water Commission, AUSTRALIA)
(2)Current river restoration in Taiwan on some urban cases (Prof. Shaohua
Marko Hsu, Feng Chia Univ., TAIWAN)
(3)Development of technology for waterfront creation and case study of
continuous block system (Prof. Suk Hwan Jang, Daejin University, KOREA)

-Break: 14:30-14:40

-Lecture & Discussion: 14:40-16:15 25min. each & 45min discussion
(4)Feng River Restoration - from Land to Water (Prof. Aizhong Ding, Beijing
Normal University, CHINA)
(5)River basin flood control and restoration as innovations from Hii River
(Prof. Yukihiro Shimatani, Kyushu Univ., JAPAN)
(6)Discussion by all lecturers (Chair: Prof. Tamai)

-Closing: 16:15 Closing

Leaflet (PDF118KB): http://www.a-rr.net/news/docs/ARRNforum2011announcement.pdf

Asian River Restoration Network (ARRN)
Japan River Restoration Network (JRRN)

Foundation for Riverfront Improvement and Restoration (RFC)
Shinkawa Chuoh Bldg., 7th Flr.
17-24, Shinkawa 1cho-me, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0033, JAPAN
TEL: +81-3-6228-3862 FAX: +81-3-3523-0640
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