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News and Event on River Restoration

Exchange with Citizen’s Group to Create Healthy Dorimcheon, Korea (July 15, 2008, Tokyo, JAPAN)

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14 members including the representative of Citizen’s Group to Create Healthy Dorimcheon visited Japan and exchanged opinions with ARRN Secretariat. Based around Dorimcheon in Seoul, Korea, the Citizen’s Group to Create Healthy Dorimcheon was established in 1999 and has expanded its members as much as 300. The objectives of its activities are to protect the environment of Dorimcheon basin and Gwanak-gu area with support of local citizens, and to pursue sustainable society and co-existence of nature and mankind for the betterment of people’s lives. At the opinion-exchange meeting, ARRN Secretariat introduced historical development of Japanese river environment administration, current projects for river restoration, and proactive efforts made by citizens including children towards restoring rivers. The Dorimcheon NPO in turn introduced activities carried out by children and then both parties vigorously exchanged opinions.

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