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News and Event on River Restoration

Assistance to Hong Kong government staff with an inspection tour of the Sumida River, Tokyo(February 20, 2009, Tokyo, JAPAN)

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Discussion At Sumida River

On Friday, February 20, 2009, an inspection team of the Civil Engineering and Development Department, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, visited Japan to inspect the Sumida River and the Old-Nakagawa River as successful case examples of urban waterfront restoration in Japan. In addition, they paid a courtesy visit to the River Division, Bureau of Construction, Tokyo Metropolitan Government which manages the Sumida River, and exchanged opinions actively with the Japanese side.
The site visit to the Sumida River came about in the following way. Last July, JRRN received an inquiry about case good practices of urban river restoration in Japan from Hong Kong government staff. While introducing various case examples of river restoration, we selected the Sumida River as the most appropriate for the purpose of their inspection.

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