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News and Event on River Restoration

9th ARRN Governing Council (October 27, 2014, Vienna AUSTRIA)

9th GCM Meeting

On October 27 (Mon.), 2014, the “Ninth Governing Council Meeting” of the Asian River Restoration Network (ARRN) was held in Vienna AUSTRIA.

Following Prof. Zhiping Liu (ARRN Chairperson)’s greetings, ARRN and each RRN’s 2014 activities in China, Korea and Japan were reported.

- CRRN’s report (PDF 880KB)
- KRRN’ s report (PDF 695KB)
- JRRN’ s report (PDF 226KB)

In the discussion and decision, ARRN’s future activities of the next one year, such as a side event in the 7th World Water Forum in Korea, further technical exchange with ECRR, and further expansion of the ARRN member were discussed.

In this meeting, it was decided that the ARRN secretariat would be transferred from CRRN (China) to KRRN (Korea) in next April based on the ARRN charter.

9th GCM Agenda(PDF 33kb)

9th GCM Member List(PDF 24kb)

Past GCM reports

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