Asian River Restoration Network (ARRN)

The Asian River Restoration Network was established in Nov. 2006 to support the exchange of information relating to environmental restoration of rivers and watersheds. JRRN has a role of ARRN secretariat currently.

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Foundation for Riverfront Improvement and Restoration
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ARRN/JRRN Annual Report 2009

"ARRN Annual Report 2009" has been published. Major activities by ARRN and National Networks (KRRN, CRRN and JRRN) in 2009 are summarized in this report.

  >>Annual Report 2009(PDF 1.7MB)

“ARRN’s 7th International Forum on Waterfront and Watershed Restoration” will be held in Seoul, KOREA (September, 2010)


ARRN’s “7th International Forum on Waterfront and Watershed Restoration” will be held in Korea as the special session of “8th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics 2010” in September 2010.

Session Topics
-Excellence in Engineering Practice in River and Waterfront Restoration (Technical Session for Two Hours)
-How to Develop Technology and Guidelines for River Restoration through Networks (a round-table meeting for two hours)

Prof. Nobuyuki TAMAI (ARRN Chairperson)

For detailed information, please visit to ISE2010 website.

Conference & Seminar in 2010 on river restoration

■5th Conference of the Asia Pacific Association of Hydrology and Water Resources <5th APHW>(2010.11.8-10)

-Date: 2010.11.8-10
-Venue: Hanoi, Vietnam
-Abstruct Deadline:

■13th International Riversymposium(2010.10.11-14)

-Date: 2010.10.11-14
-Venue: Australia, Perth
-Abstruct Deadline: 2010.2.19

■8th International Symposium on Ecohydraulics (2010.9.12-16)

-Date: 2010.9.12-16
-Venue: Korea, Seoul
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.10.30

■International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics <2010 River Flow>(2010.9.8-10)

-Date: 2010.9.8-10
-Venue: Germany, TU Braunschweig
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.9.1

■9th International Conference on Hydroinformatics 2010(2010.9.7-11)

-Date: 2010.9.7-11
-Venue: China, Tianjin
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.8.31

■7th International Conference on Sustainable Techniques and Strategies in Urban Water Management(2010.6.28-7.1)

-Date: 2010.6.28-7.1
-Venue: France, Lyon
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.7.10

■6th International Symposium on Environmental Hydraulics(2010.6.23-25)

-Date: 2010.6.23-25
-Venue: Greece, Athene
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.9.30

■River Restoration: Fluvial-Geomorphic and Ecological Tools(2010.6.7-11)

-Date: 2010.6.7-11
-Venue: Lyon and Provence, France

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■11th River Restoration Conference 2010(2010.4.14-15)

-Date: 2010.4.14-15
-Venue: UK, York
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.9.30

■17th Congress of the Asia and Pacific Division of the International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research (2010.2.21-24)

-Date: 2010.2.21-24
-Venue: New Zealand, Auckland
-Abstruct Deadline: 2009.1.31