Asian River Restoration Network (ARRN)

The Asian River Restoration Network was established in Nov. 2006 to support the exchange of information relating to environmental restoration of rivers and watersheds. JRRN has a role of ARRN secretariat currently.

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Technical exchange with Department of Irrigation & Drainage (DID), Malaysia (Dec.13, 2012: Tokyo)


Lecture by JRRN

On December 13, 2012, a delegation of Department of Irrigation & Drainage (DID) Malaysia (about 25 members) came to Japan, and had an exchange with JRRN on river restoration projects and partnership approaches. The delegation also visited government organizations to learn river restoration experiences in Japan, and JRRN supported their coordination.

- Department of Irrigation & Drainage (DID) Malaysia

Supporting JICA’s Technical Training Program on community based disaster prevention for Iloilo City, Philippines (Nov.27, 2012: Tokyo)


Site visit around Sumida River

Japan International Cooperation Agency, CITYNET and Yokohama city held the leadership training program “Community Based Adaptation and Resilience Against Disasters Study Visit” for Iloilo City, Philippines, and JRRN secretariat provided a lecture and technical site visit on Japan’s river restoration cases in the training on 27 November 2012.

“How to see and examine river environment by local citizens: learning from PRAGMO” was held in Tokyo. (1 December 2012)

Lecture by Dr. Jenny Mant

Lecture by Dr. Sayuri Megumi

Panel discussion chaired by Dr. Naoki Shirakawa

The JRRN/ARRN/RFC’s symposium titled " How to see and examine river environment by local citizens: learning from PRAGMO" was successfully held in Tokyo on 1st December 2012.

Date/Time: 1 December 2012 (Saturday)  13:30 – 17:00

Venue: Hatsumei Kaikan (Tokyo, Japan)

Organizer: JRRN / ARRN / RFC


13:30-13:40 Opening address (Dr. Junzo Sago, JRRN Secretary General)

Lecture 1 Dr. Jenny Mant (the River Restoration Centre, UK)
Concept and application of the River Restoration Centre’s Practical Guidance to Monitoring PRAGMO

Lecture 2 Dr. Sayuri Megumi (Arakawa River Basin Network, Japan)
River Restoration at Arakawa River

Panel discussion
Chair: Prof. Naoki Shirakawa (Tsukuba Univ. / ARRN technical committee)
Panelist: Dr. Jenny Mant, Dr. Sayuri Megumi, Mr. Shouzou Yamamich, Mr. Masato Fjii

The 9th International Forum on Waterfront and Watershed Restoration was held in Beijing CHINA. (24 November 2012)

Opening speech (Dr. Wenxue CHEN, ARRN Secretary General)

Lecturer (Prof. Zhaoyin WANG, Tsinghua Univ.)

The 9th International Forum on Waterfront and Watershed Restoration titled " Comprehensive Treatment and Intergrated Management of Urban Watersheds" was successfully held in Beijing CHINA on 24th Nov. 2012.

Date/Time: 24 November 2012 (Saturday)  14:00 – 17:00
Venue: China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (Beijing, CHINA)
Organizer: Asian River Restoration Network / China River Restoration Network


14:00-14:05 Opening address (Dr. Wenxue CHEN, ARRN Secretary General)

Lecture1 Prof. Zhaoyin WANG (Tsinghua University, CHINA)
Problems and researches on eco-hydraulics and eco-sedimentation

Lecture2 Mr. Masafumi Ito (JRRN secretariat, Japan Riverfront Research Center, JAPAN)
Urban River Management in Japan

Break: 15:15-15:30

Lecture3 Dr. Jin Cheol JOO (Korea Institute of Construction Technology, KOREA)
Integrated Urban Water Cycle Management System in Korea

Lecture4 Chengdong Zhu (Beijing Institute of Water, CHINA)
Yongding River Restoration, Design concepts & techniques

Lecture5 Prof. Suk Hwan Jang (Daejin University, KOREA)
Hydraulic Analysis of Artificial Lake in Urban Area CHEONGRA

7th ARRN Governing Council (November 24, 2012, Beijing CHINA)

7th GCM Meeting
Transfer ceremony of ARRN secretariat

On November 24 (Sat.), 2012, the “Seventh Governing Council Meeting” of the Asian River Restoration Network (ARRN) was held in Beijing CHINA.

At the beginning of the meeting, ARRN and each RRN activities in China, Korea and Japan for the past one year were reported.

Next, new ARRN chairperson and new ARRN secretary general was elected and appointed respectively. The transfer ceremony of the ARRN secretariat from JRRN to CRRN was also performed successively.

In the discussion and decision, ARRN’s organization structure for the further expansion including charter revision and “ARRN action plan 2013” were discussed.


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