Asian River Restoration Network (ARRN)

The Asian River Restoration Network was established in Nov. 2006 to support the exchange of information relating to environmental restoration of rivers and watersheds. JRRN has a role of ARRN secretariat currently.

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4th ARRN Governing Council (September 30, 2009, Seoul)



On September 30 (Wed.), 2009, the “Fourth Governing Council Meeting” of the Asian River Restoration Network (ARRN) was held in Seoul, Korea.
First, each secretariat made a report on the activities of ARRN, as well as JRRN, KRRN and CRRN, after the Third Governing Council Meeting up to the present date. After that, Mr. Tamai chaired the meeting to hold deliberations and exchange opinions.

Through deliberations and exchange of opinions, we discussed various issues, including details of the International Forum for next year, the action plan for 2010 based on the policy of upgrading river restoration guidelines, and ARRN’s organizational framework, such as the chairperson and secretariat for next year.
Dr. Baumann, who was a guest lecturer of the Sixth International Forum held on the previous day, participated in this meeting as an observer, and gave his valuable comments from the viewpoint of experiences in Europe.


Governing Council Member:
Nobuyuki TAMAI (ARRN Chairperson),
Junzo SAGO (ARRN/JRRN Secretary General), Chang Wan KIM (KRRN Secretary General), Dongya SUN (CRRN Secretary General),
Jeong Seok YANG (KRRN Information Committee), Dongsheng WANG (CRRN deputy Information Committee), Fang WANG (CRRN deputy Technical Committee), Kazumasa ITO (JRRN Information Committee), Naoki SHIRAKAWA (JRRN Technical Committee)

ARRN Secretariat:
Sayumi NUMATA, Akira WADA (JRRN)

Kookil KIM (KRA: Korea River Association), Hyo Seop WOO (KICT: Korea Institute of Construction Technology), Hong Koo YEO (KRRN secretariat, KICT), Jing ZHANG(IWHR: China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research), Marco Baumann(Canton Thurgau, Switzerland)

Agenda(PDF 37kb)

Member List(PDF 41kb)

ARRN's 6th International Forum on Waterfront and Watershed Restoration (29 September 2009)

Opening speech

Guest speakers and ARRN members

“The 6th International Forum on Waterfront and Watershed Restoration” was successfully held in Seoul KOREA on 29th Sep. 2009 as a joint event of “5th KICT International workshop on River Environment”.

Date/Time: September 29th 2009 15:00 – 18:00
Venue: KOFST International Convention Center, Seoul KOREA
Asian River Restoration Network (ARRN), Korea Institute of Construction Technology (KICT), Korea River Association (KRA)



- Opening speech   Dr. Samhee Lee (Vice President of KICT)
- Welcome speech   Dr. Nobuyuki Tamai (Chairperson of ARRN)
- Welcome speech   Dr. Kook Il Kim (President of KRA)


 - Lecture 1 Dr. Naoki Shirakawa (Tsukuba University, JAPAN)
      Flow Regime Restoration in Japan - Past, Present and Future

 - Lecture 2 Dr. Dongya Sun (Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, CHINA)
      Progress of River Restoration in China

 - Lecture 3 Dr. Marco Baumann (Canton Thurgau, SWITZLAND)
      River Engineering and Management

 - Lecture 4 Dr. Hong Koo Yeo (Korea Institute of Construction Technology, KOREA)
      Master Plan for Four River Restoration Project in Korea

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