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The Asian River Restoration Network was established in Nov. 2006 to support the exchange of information relating to environmental restoration of rivers and watersheds. JRRN has a role of ARRN secretariat currently.

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Restoration of Tsuwano waterway (Tsuwano Town, Shimane Prefecture)

Tsuwano Town called "a small Kyoto of Sanin" is famous for its beautiful streets and the carps living in Tsuwano River running through the center of the town. It has been famous as a district that produces high-quality water since olden days and sake breweries using the spring water stand in a row in the town.
In landscaping the town, iris-planted waterways were laid in many places and many houses keep carps by using the water. Just as in olden days, residents pump water from the waterway for domestic use even today.
Tsuwano waterways were awarded the "Civil Engineering Design Prize 2002, JSCE (Japan Society of Civil Engineers)" and a City Landscape Award in 2006.


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